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Why work with Kiefheim?

There are many good reasons for choosing to work with me. Of course, it's all up to you and your priorities:

  • You make a point of presenting your company and your products in a professional manner.
  • You invest time, care and money in developing your products and documents and want to safeguard these investments using effective target texts that perfectly fit their purpose.
  • You want to bring across the contents of your texts and the message behind them.
  • You know from experience that a qualified language and text professional is not always easy to find.

If you agree with these points, we could be the perfect match because:

  • I think your text through from the first to the last word. If I come across any ambiguities, I clarify the issue with you. This makes sure the German translation is correct and allows you to optimise the source text too.
  • I don't "just translate" your text, instead adapting cultural references, tone, redundant phrasing etc. so that your target text creates the desired effect among your target audience. If larger changes are necessary, I will of course discuss them with you in advance.
  • I give high priority to linguistic quality. That's why I review my translations until everything is just right. Which means that you will leave a professional impression with your audience.
  • I will become more and more familiar with your company-specific terminology and your products the longer I work with you. This gives me and my translations an edge over the others and ultimately benefits you and your customers.
  • I think it goes without saying that you receive your target text by the agreed deadline. This in turn allows you to keep your own deadlines.