What my customers say

International corporations, medium-sized companies or freelancers – many customers are already benefiting from my high quality standards, my experience and the initiative I show in my work. Read for yourself:

  • Your suggestions make it all really polished!
    Proofreading of a colleague’s translations of customer communication
  • This is a little ‘fan letter’ from the CMO in the US. Your passion and concern to get everything exactly right is wonderful and I/we feel very privileged to work with you!
    CMO of a provider of marketing solutions. Among other things, I translated their new website when they relaunched their brand.
  • And thank you again for putting so much great brain power into our projects.
    Localization for a large US company with an international presence: web interface, help texts, apps, advertising material
  • Thank you very much for your great support and the superb quality of your translation. Your thoughts with regard to [example name that had to be adapted in the translation] are very good, and we will no doubt be following your suggestions. (…) thank you for showing so much initiative. I appreciate it very much.
    Translation of training materials for a leading German manufacturer of automation technology
  • Merci encore pour votre excellent travail !
    For an agency, text check of German case studies after a change of layout
  • All of our German speakers have been impressed by your translation! Thank you very much for your excellent work!
    Translation and DTP of the extensive catalogue of a manufacturer of components for building automation in a team with various colleagues
  • As usual I can’t find any mistakes. Sorry about that :-) You are now officially a saint and will rise to Mount Olympus at the feet of St. Jerome.
    Remark from a colleague who regularly proofreads my translations for a certain customer. St. Jerome is the patron saint of translators.