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What's on offer for you at Kiefheim?

Effective target texts English > German

I turn your English text into a good German target text. This often takes more than just a translation: aspects that work fine for the culture and the audience of the original texts may totally miss the target audience in a plain regular translation.

That's why I adapt cultural references, style and tone. This way your German text will have the same effect as the English one and will reach your targets – a true target text, in other words!

I generally work from English into German because German is my native tongue – the language I can use most skilfully.

Good text and better text

I write German texts. I describe technical issues in clear language and I phrase instructions that help users to achieve the desired result. What you get is meaningful content, no empty buzzwords – and your customers will understand what you are saying.

I review and correct German texts: no matter whether they were translated or written from scratch, authored by yourself or by someone else. This is sound quality assurance that ensures a convincing result – a text that hits the target in terms of style and content, that builds a convincing case and has a logical structure.

Subjects and document types

  • Marketing, websites, training material, software code, user manuals – and whatever else has to be translated.
  • IT and software localisation
  • Medical equipment (special qualification: decontamination/sterilisation of medical instruments)
  • Please note that I often receive requests to translate texts outside of these fields, so if in doubt as to whether I have the skills necessary to translate your subject – just ask!